“Saved my gig days” 
Product: Lovibes H1

Sep 2018 - Laurence B.

''Great idea! Finally a solution that looks cool, almost invisible? On my way to order, can't wait to try it!!''
Product : Lovibes H1 + Tin

Mar 2019 - Jean-Maurice D. (FB)

''Love my Lovibes! I used to put up with ear ringing before I realised the harm I was doing to my ears. Now I can get right up close to the music 🎵 enjoy the sound quality and not pay the price. 5 Stars ⭐️''

Product : Lovibes S1 + Tin

Mar 2019 - David R. (FB)

''Just received my order and already tried them!
And I’m so satisfied, enjoying the sound without any risk.
(And the tin case is so convenient!)''

Product : Lovibes H1 + Tin

Mar 2019 - Laurent C. (FB)

''Superb product, great quality & comfortable to wear. Makes loud music more enjoyable. Would definitely recommend. Fast service on order.''

Product : Lovibes H1 + Lovibes S1 + Tin

Jun 2019 - Martin P. (FB)

Really love my new ear protection! Absolute top quality!
Product : Lovibes H1 + Tin

Jun 2019 -  Luke, Nightjar band bassist (Insta DM)

They are one of the best earplugs I ever tried. You have to try them!
Product : Lovibes H1 + Tin

Jun 2019 -  Sara Krin, Techno DJ & Producer (Insta story)

Amazing quality earplugs!! Tested mine out and loved them!! Easy on the ears and brilliant quality!! Circus 66 recommended!! 💯👌🏻🤟🏻🎸😎
Product : Lovibes H1 + Tin

Feb 2020 -  Annabelle A. Zaychenko, Circus66 lead singer (FB)

Great product, as someone who suffers from tinnitus I wish I had these around when I was younger!
Product : Lovibes H1 + Tin

Mar 2020 -  Galvin W. (Google reviews)

Easy navigate website. Lots of information there. Once ordered quick delivery. Had a small issue but that issue was rectified straight away. A pleasure to deal with. 5 Star service. Will return again shortly as I know a few more people who would need and enjoy these ear buds.
Product : Lovibes H1 + Tin

Mar 2020 -  Fer D. (Google reviews)

High quality item in a small package that you can carry with you easily everywhere, and that makes the earbuds last longer. Also great for studying in noisy environment, saved my exams😉!!
Product : Lovibes H1 + Tin

Mar 2020 -  Chloe T. (Google reviews)