LoVibes Deluxe essential set - H1 + Tin

LoVibes Deluxe essential set - H1 + Tin

SKU: 005

Music is too good to be spoiled by ringing ears - Protect yours ears for the most enjoyable experience!!


Our Deluxe acoustic filters are specially designed for extra comfort in prolonged wear which makes them ideal for festivals.

They are hypoallergenic and adapted for sensitive skins and sensitive ears.


The sleek tin is waterproof and fit in every pocket.


LoVibes H1 are particularly adapted for prolonged wear, sensitive skin and sensitive ears.

These earbuds are fully recyclable and made of hypoallergenic TPE.

Their ergonomic design makes them discreet and very comfortable even for prolonged wear which makes them ideal for festivals. A simple wash with cold water and soap in between wears would make them last for years.

The green filter is evenly reducing the sound level by 22dB* which is very slightly higher protection than our silicon earbuds. This is achieved by using the unique rectilinear filter system combined with the patented premium metal acoustic mesh technology.

* for safety and security reason, the alarm wavelength is not filtered.



Very sleek tin case, the perfect protection for your earbuds.


Dimensions : 2.4 x 0.8inch (6x2cm)


A screw lid with a rubber ring makes it waterproof, so even if you forget the tin in your jeans before putting in the wash, your earbuds would be dry and ready to use as soon as you can get those jeans out of the washing machine!

A small round metal split ring can help secure the case in a key ring or in your bag so that the tin is always with you.